Marijn van Tuijl

Marijn Van Tuijn

Contact details

Blaak 28
3011 TA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Phone : +31 651 79 22 38

With a background in international trade and logistics, Marijn represents businesses and their insurers in matters where quality and compliance of products and raw materials are at stake, or where disputes arise in the supply chain.

Alongside logistics contracting and dealing with disputes on the carriage and storage of goods, Marijn has extensive experience in assisting clients in product recalls, negotiations with and litigation against regulatory authorities and resolving claims which are passed through the supply chain.

A strong focus on matters involving government supervision and enforcement affecting the manufacture, import, carriage and marketing of products, causes Marijn to be very effective and result oriented in dealing with authorities. This valuable expertise is concentrated in Ploum’s Corporate Investigations team of which Marijn is a member.

Prior to private practice Marijn gained experience as an in-house counsel with a Danish logistics service provider.