KW Kruk and Partners

We are an independent law firm providing legal services to Polish and foreign leading companies operating in different lines of business and economic sectors in almost every area of law for more than 20 years now.

A team of our lawyers has knowledge of the specificity of operations, problems and legal aspects of individual sectors of economy, which enables our correct assessment of a business situation our clients are in, and allows us to adjust legal solutions to attain the intended objectives. We operate in the whole Poland area, cooperating with lawyers and renowned law firms from other Polish cities.

KW Kruk and Partners Law Firm LP cooperates also with foreign lawyers, law firms and international legal organizations (ICC FRAUDNET, IR GLOBAL).
Thanks to our membership in international organizations we have a rich and reliable database of international contacts and access to specialists in various fields. Thanks to cooperation with foreign experts and legal entities, we are able to ensure proper and comprehensive legal services to Polish entrepreneurs abroad, and we can render services to foreign entrepreneurs. Our lawyers provide legal services in Polish, English, French, and Russian.

In the field of international trade and customs law, we provide importers, producers, exporters, and investors with legal advice as they navigate the complex world of international trade and customs law. Our legal services in the field of international trade are split between two main areas: international and Polish law and regulations.

Legal services in the area of customs law are addressed to entrepreneurs who carry out transactions on both domestic and international markets and include in particular following scope:

  • ​Trade defence (anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguards)
  • Investigations and procedures conducted by OLAF
  • Export and import controls
  • Rules of origin
  • Customs classification and valuations
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Dual use goods and technologies
  • Recovery of customs duties
  • Representation of clients in proceedings before customs administration authorities and before administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court

Contact details:
KW Kruk and Partners Law Firm LP
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02-066 Warsaw, Poland
Tel.: +48 22 246 46 46
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