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Moulis Legal is globally recognised as a premium provider of full-service representation in complex international, regulatory and commercial law matters. Our team of respected lawyers are skilled in Australian law, WTO law, cross border matters, customs and import/export formalities, business law, government law, intellectual property, procurement, advocacy and data analysis.
We are well positioned to provide expert and strategic advice regarding trade defence, import and export controls, sanctions compliance, free trade agreements, WTO law and international dispute resolution.

Lawyers with international expertise

We are truly international. Our lawyers possess extensive experience and training in multiple legal jurisdictions. We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses engaging in transactions, disputes, and investment outside their home jurisdiction.
We have represented multinational and Australian clients in numerous government investigations. We have managed court and administrative procedures in multiple jurisdictions. These experiences have taken us the A to Z of the world’s countries. Notably, we have represented our clients in the European Court of Justice and the World Trade Organisation, and before the investigative authorities of Argentina, Brazil, China, Malaysia, the European Union, and the USA.
Our boutique legal firm has extensive experience and an unparalleled record representing iconic Australian companies and NGOs, multinational giants, foreign exporters and foreign governments and their agencies in international trade law matters.