Uno Trade Strategy Advisors

UNO is a multidisciplinary consulting firm specialized in advising its clients on international trade barriers and developing solutions to increase access to export markets. With offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Washington DC, UNO’s practice areas include trade remedies, trade facilitation and compliance, market access and trade policy.

UNO’s team consists of highly skilled lawyers, economists, accountants, business and international relations professionals. This distinctive blend of professionals uniquely position UNO to analyze complex issues creatively and accurately, and assist governments, business associations and companies develop and implement tools for maximizing the results of their international trade operations.

With regards specifically to trade remedies investigations initiated by the Brazilian or US governments, UNO team members have handled or been involved in almost all recent cases, having experience in more than 150 proceedings involving Argentinian, Brazilian, Chinese, EU, Korean, Indian, Indonesian, Israeli, Mexican, Russian, Taiwanese, Thai, US and Vietnamese companies in investigations initiated by various jurisdictions: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, India, Mexico, Turkey and US. To access our full experience please visit our website:

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UNO Trade Strategy Advisors
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Pinheiros – São Paulo – SP
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Phone: +55 113 588 40 04
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