Stratulat Albulescu is a leading full-service Romanian law firm, providing strategic and innovative legal solutions to both national and international clients across every business sector. Stratulat Albulescu Attorneys at Law team is comprised of lawyers who are role models in their disciplines. The law firm works in close co-operation with highly respected law firms throughout Europe and elsewhere and has a significant experience in cross-border transactions, providing legal advice in the English, French, Italian, Romanian and Spanish languages. For further information about our law firm and services, please .

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  • Address: One Herastrau Office, 30-32 Daniel Danielopolu St., 1st District, Bucharest, Romania
  • Phone:  +(40) 213 168 749
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Our History
We’ve been in the business of law since 1862, when a young entrepreneurial Britton Bath Osler began to practise law in the village of Dundas, Ontario (70 km west of Toronto). By the age of 23, Osler had opened two law offices (Dundas and Hamilton) and started his own venture in what would become one of North America’s first commuter railways.
In 1882, Osler moved his practice to Toronto, the provincial capital and at the time Canada’s second most important city for business, after Montreal. It proved to be a good move. He formed a partnership with John Hoskin and several other lawyers. Within a decade the enterprise grew to become one of the top three law firms in Canada. The final name for the firm we know today was settled in 1902 when Partner Frederick Harcourt’s name was added to the door.
Almost from the start, the firm’s clients included many of the country’s largest companies and others that would grow to become leaders in key emerging industries including railways, banking and insurance, manufacturing and natural resources. And as the firm prospered, it also attracted international companies seeking opportunities in Canada, giving us an early and essential global perspective. That perspective proved extremely advantageous when in the wake of World War II, the economic climate ushered in the era of the “dealmaker” and the age of modern corporate law.
In 1968, Osler became the first large corporate law firm in Canada to admit a woman as a partner, Bertha Wilson, who went on to become the first female Justice appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada.
As a leader in all aspects of business law, then and now, Osler has drawn together some of the best legal minds. From ambitious young barristers and solicitors to former Supreme Court judges and prime ministers, Osler has earned a reputation as the law firm in which to turn with the most complex business challenges and needs.
In 2012, Osler celebrated its 150th anniversary. With the theme of “Making a Difference,” the firm not only marked the milestone as a long and historical legacy of success, but more importantly as a celebration of our people and how together as a team, we strive to make a difference for our clients and our community.
Today, Osler continues to maintain its trusted advisor status with Canadian and international business leaders. We empower ambitious organizations that are expanding, protecting and transforming their businesses – a mission that started five years before confederation with Britton Bath Osler.

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Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
First Canadian Place, 100
1 King St W #6200
Toronto, ON M5X 1B8, CanadaTel: +1 416-362-2111


Moulis Legal
international trade team

Moulis Legal is globally recognised as a premium provider of full-service representation in complex international, regulatory and commercial law matters. Our team of respected lawyers are skilled in Australian law, WTO law, cross border matters, customs and import/export formalities, business law, government law, intellectual property, procurement, advocacy and data analysis.
We are well positioned to provide expert and strategic advice regarding trade defence, import and export controls, sanctions compliance, free trade agreements, WTO law and international dispute resolution.

Lawyers with international expertise

We are truly international. Our lawyers possess extensive experience and training in multiple legal jurisdictions. We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses engaging in transactions, disputes, and investment outside their home jurisdiction.
We have represented multinational and Australian clients in numerous government investigations. We have managed court and administrative procedures in multiple jurisdictions. These experiences have taken us the A to Z of the world’s countries. Notably, we have represented our clients in the European Court of Justice and the World Trade Organisation, and before the investigative authorities of Argentina, Brazil, China, Malaysia, the European Union, and the USA.
Our boutique legal firm has extensive experience and an unparalleled record representing iconic Australian companies and NGOs, multinational giants, foreign exporters and foreign governments and their agencies in international trade law matters.


Greenberg Traurig’s International Trade Practice provides clients with guidance on global trade policies and remedies, as well as advocacy in negotiations and trade dispute proceedings. As strategic advisers, we assist clients in both sustaining and enhancing their competitiveness in the ever-changing world economy, with a focus on trade regulations and transactions, import and export controls, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), customs, intellectual property, and tariff issues.

We aim to keep clients current on the many crucial facets of international trade, including the latest developments in laws, treaties, and politics that shape global relationships. We also offer strategic trade consulting and representation on issues relating to the World Trade Organization’s global trade rules.

Contact details:

Paseo de la Reforma No. 265 PH1

Colonia Cuauhtémoc | Ciudad de México,  06500

Guillermo Sánchez Chao
Tel.: +52 55.5029.0000


We are an independent law firm providing legal services to Polish and foreign leading companies operating in different lines of business and economic sectors in almost every area of law for more than 20 years now.

A team of our lawyers has knowledge of the specificity of operations, problems and legal aspects of individual sectors of economy, which enables our correct assessment of a business situation our clients are in, and allows us to adjust legal solutions to attain the intended objectives. We operate in the whole Poland area, cooperating with lawyers and renowned law firms from other Polish cities.

KW Kruk and Partners Law Firm LP cooperates also with foreign lawyers, law firms and international legal organizations (ICC FRAUDNET, IR GLOBAL).
Thanks to our membership in international organizations we have a rich and reliable database of international contacts and access to specialists in various fields. Thanks to cooperation with foreign experts and legal entities, we are able to ensure proper and comprehensive legal services to Polish entrepreneurs abroad, and we can render services to foreign entrepreneurs. Our lawyers provide legal services in Polish, English, French, and Russian.

In the field of international trade and customs law, we provide importers, producers, exporters, and investors with legal advice as they navigate the complex world of international trade and customs law. Our legal services in the field of international trade are split between two main areas: international and Polish law and regulations.

Legal services in the area of customs law are addressed to entrepreneurs who carry out transactions on both domestic and international markets and include in particular following scope:

  • ​Trade defence (anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguards)
  • Investigations and procedures conducted by OLAF
  • Export and import controls
  • Rules of origin
  • Customs classification and valuations
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Dual use goods and technologies
  • Recovery of customs duties
  • Representation of clients in proceedings before customs administration authorities and before administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court

Contact details:
KW Kruk and Partners Law Firm LP
14 Bł. Ładysława z Gielniowa Street
02-066 Warsaw, Poland
Tel.: +48 22 246 46 46
Fax: +48 22 246 46 99


The history of Lee and Li can be traced back to the 1940s. James Lee, one of the two founders, began his practice with two U.S. attorneys during that period in Shanghai. The other founding partner, Dr. C. N. Li, also practiced in Shanghai at that time. Both of them specialized in transnational legal matters.

Contact details :
Lee and Li
8F, No. 555, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd.,
Taipei 11072, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Phone: +886-227638000
Website: Lee and Li


LakshmiKumaran is a full service law firm practising in areas of Tax, International Trade, Intellectual Property Rights and Corporate laws. The firm is acclaimed for its legal acumen and skill of its highly knowledgeable team of experts, attorneys and consultants. A well-knit team of professionals from across different practices work in tandem to ensure that every client is provided the best and most comprehensive service.

Contact details :
B-6/10, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi 110 029, India

Phone: +91 112 619 22 43
Website: LakshmiKumaran


WERKS Advokater is a Swedish law firm specialized in business law. The firm is based on three core values, commitment, excellence and innovation. WERKS represents domestic and international clients who demand first class legal services and value our partner attention. WERKS practice areas include customs law; international trade; mergers & acquisitions, maritime & offshore; dispute resolution including international arbitration; public procurement; real estate and construction law.

Our customs and international trade team assist our clients in all aspects of customs- and international trade matters such as: customs investigations, internal revisions, customs optimization of supply chains and litigations before Swedish courts and the EU institutions.

Contact details :
Östra Hamngatan 41-43, 411 10 Göteborg, Sweden

Phone: +46 010 202 22 00
Website: Werks


Reed Smith is a global law firm of over 3,000 people, based across the U.S. Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Reed Smith’s International Trade has deep experience advising clients on international trade, customs, commerce, corporate compliance and security issues. Our team offers cross-border solutions with more than 25 lawyers based in strategic trade markets throughout the world. We have significant experience representing clients before government agencies in the United States, the EU, the Middle East and Asia.

Contact details :
Reed Smith LLP
Broadgate Tower, 20 Primrose St, London EC2A 2RS, United Kingdom.

Phone: +44 (0)20 3116 3000


Reed Smith is a global law firm of over 3,000 people, based across the U.S. Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Reed Smith’s International Trade has deep experience advising clients on international trade, customs, commerce, corporate compliance and security issues. Our team offers cross-border solutions with more than 25 lawyers based in strategic trade markets throughout the world. We have significant experience representing clients before government agencies in the United States, the EU, the Middle East and Asia.

Contact details :

Reed Smith
1301 K Street, N.W., Suite 1000 – East Tower, Washington, D.C., 20005, United States of America.

Phone: +1 202 414 9200
Fax: +1 202 414 9299


UNO is a multidisciplinary consulting firm specialized in advising its clients on international trade barriers and developing solutions to increase access to export markets. With offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Washington DC, UNO’s practice areas include trade remedies, trade facilitation and compliance, market access and trade policy.

UNO’s team consists of highly skilled lawyers, economists, accountants, business and international relations professionals. This distinctive blend of professionals uniquely position UNO to analyze complex issues creatively and accurately, and assist governments, business associations and companies develop and implement tools for maximizing the results of their international trade operations.

With regards specifically to trade remedies investigations initiated by the Brazilian or US governments, UNO team members have handled or been involved in almost all recent cases, having experience in more than 150 proceedings involving Argentinian, Brazilian, Chinese, EU, Korean, Indian, Indonesian, Israeli, Mexican, Russian, Taiwanese, Thai, US and Vietnamese companies in investigations initiated by various jurisdictions: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, India, Mexico, Turkey and US. To access our full experience please visit our website:

Contact details :
UNO Trade Strategy Advisors
Av. Pedroso de Morais, 457 – CJ. 1007/1008
Pinheiros – São Paulo – SP
CEP: 05419-000


Phone: +55 113 588 40 04
Website: Uno Trade


The Netherlands is ‘the gateway to Europe’ and based in Rotterdam, a port of world stature, the full service law firm Ploum self-evidently has a strong focus on international trade and logistics. Ploum provides legal services to clients in respect of all (administrative, civil and criminal law) aspects of customs cases. The team focuses on both litigation and counseling and has extensive experience in regular ‘fiscal’ customs cases as in antidumping and export control and sanction legislation cases.

Contact details :
Blaak 28, 3011 TA Rotterdam
, The Netherlands 

Phone: +31 652 00 59 16
Fax: +31 10 436 4400
Website: Ploum


AROLA is the leading Spanish Company in advisory and consultancy in all matters related to Customs and Trade Law. Its Legal team, formed by 9 specialized lawyers, constitutes the biggest and more experienced Law Firm in Spain in the field of Customs and Excise Duties.

AROLA Legal & Tax Department is always contributing with the needed legal support in all operations monitored by AROLA, and represents the interests of our customers before the Customs and Tax Authorities and before the national courts in all its judicial bodies.

Contact details :
C/ Juan de Mena, 10 Puerta 1º D 28014 Madrid

Phone: +34 917 46 27 97
Website: Arola


SPCA Advogados is a Portuguese law firm with offices in Porto and Lisbon dealing with several jurisdictions, notably the Portuguese-speaking countries. SPCA Advogados’ practice is highly focused on international trade regulation and customs law, advising clients as well as representing them within proceedings before judicial and administrative authorities.

Contact details :
SPCA Advogados
Av. Mário Brito, n.º 4170, 3.º – sala 347 Apartado 5040 – Freixieiro 4456-901 Perafita, Portugal

Phone: +35 122 999 973 56
Website: SPCA


Armella & Associates

Founded in 2008 by lawyer Sara Armella is composed of a team of highly qualified lawyers specialized in international and Italian taxation law, international trade, customs law, VAT and excise duties.

The law firm, based in Milan and Genoa provides clients with expert legal advice and representation in court in all the degrees of judgment until the Italian Supreme Court and also out of court with a specialized advice, among the others, in international tax and customs matters.

Contact details :
Armella & Associati
Via Torino, 15/6, 20123 Milano (Mi), Italy
Piazza Raffaele de Ferrari, 4, 16121 Genova (GE), Italy

Phone: +39 010 859 52 00
Website: Armella & Associati



Our law firm pursues a full service strategy both on an Austrian as well as by virtue of our international network of law firms on a cross border level.

Banks, real estate and insurance companies, industrial enterprises as well as medium sized companies and entrepreneurs trust our expertise both in litigious as well as non-litigous matters. In the field of M&A we advise on transactions on capital markets as well as on the level of medium sized companies. Our clients benefit from our vast experience in representing clients before courts of justice and courts of arbitration. If need be for non-Austrian legal expertise we can rely on our established close and long lasting relationships with fellow law firms around the world who operate at an equally high standard.

Our clients appreciate that upon solving legal problems we take economic and tax aspects into account, too. We strive to provide our legal advice in a comprehensive way so that it can be easily understood and serve as a clear basis for decision-making for management.

Many of our lawyers are highly regarded as authors of legal books and commentaries as well as lecturers at universities and seminars. Therefore, our advice is in demand and respected on the market in particular in complex legal matters.

Contact details :
DSC Doralt Seist Csoklich Rechtsanwälte GmbH

Währinger Straße 2-4
1090 Vienna, Austria

Phone: +43 1 319 45 20
Fax: +32 (0)2 320 3599


GvW Graf von Westphalen is a general partnership of attorneys at law and tax advisors with 160 legal professionals. With our offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart, we are one of Germany’s largest independent law firms. We also provide advice to clients around the world – from our offices in Istanbul, Shanghai and Brussels and through our membership in several highly respected global networks.

The firm is headquartered in Hamburg.

Our independence is the key feature that sets us apart from competing law firms. Our roots extend back to the 19th century. We are not a “legal assembly line” – at our firm, you will work with and continue to work with the partner you know and respect.

What we offer

We offer advice on every aspect of business. We place particular importance on providing service from a single source.

We are one of Germany’s top law firms in many legal areas: the professional journal JUVE has listed us as a “leader” in such areas as “customs and foreign trade law” for many years. JUVE also recommends us in the areas of state aid, corporate/M&A, capital investment processes, conflict resolution, energy, food, private construction law, real estate, private equity & venture capital, PPP and project finance, project development, environment and construction, constitutional and administrative law, public procurement, insurance law and distribution. We were nominated as Law Firm of the Year “Mittelstand” and “Regulated Industries” by JUVE in 2017.

International and professional journal The Lawyer from Great Britain nominates GvW for the European Awards 2019 as “Germany’s top law firm of the year”.

Thanks to our law firm’s size, we are in a strong position to carry out the transaction business as well as provide on-going advice and long-range project work.

Contact details :

GvW Graf von Westphalen Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater Partnerschaft mbB
Poststrasse 9 – Alte Post
20354 Hamburg

Phone:    +49 40 359 22-0
Fax:         +49 40 359 22-123


Based in Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux and Le Havre, Stream is an international commercial law firm. Our deep expertise is internationally renowned in Shipping, Insurance & Reinsurance, energy, aviation, international trade as well as customs and excise law. Stream France advises clients on both French & English law and has a wide experience in resolving disputes.

Our customs and excise department, created in 2007, deals with all customs and excise matters (advice on customs and excise issues and assisting clients during customs investigations), carries out surveys and audits for clients wishing to become Authorised Economic Operators, lectures and deals with questions relating to the enforcement of French and EU customs regulations.

Contact details :
4 Square Édouard VII, 75009 Paris, France

Phone: +33 153 76 91 00
Website: Stream

EU - Belgium

Reed Smith is a global law firm of over 3,000 people, based across the U.S. Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Reed Smith’s International Trade has deep experience advising clients on international trade, customs, commerce, corporate compliance and security issues. Our team offers cross-border solutions with more than 25 lawyers based in strategic trade markets throughout the world. We have significant experience representing clients before government agencies in the United States, the EU, the Middle East and Asia.

Contact details :
Reed Smith
Avenue Marnix 23, 1000 Brussels – Belgium

Phone: +32 (0)2 320 35 00
Fax: +32 (0)2 320 3599